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Programs & Workshops: Programs
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Diversity/Anti-Racism Programming

Doing the Work: From the Inside Out

The work of anti-racism starts with a deep, introspective journey into who you are and how your racial identity has influenced and impacted your life. These transformative experiences will push you to move beyond your comfort zones and explore how and what you have been taught about yourself and others.


Health Equity

Consultancy, Communications & Education

Rebuilding Trust

The gaps within our healthcare system have caused mistrust and miseducation between communities and medical practitioners. We work with organizations to develop strategies and methods to inform the public about changes taking place in the health care industry to improve this vital relationship.

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Strategic Planning and Implementation

A Component of Successful Organization's Journey

Every journey starts with a single step. Deciding to embark on the journey of developing a strategic plan is an exciting step. A dynamic, well-crafted strategic plan will provide an organization with a guide and course on the steps needed to evolve. Using a multi-method, reflective approach of assessment, EquityCorps Group can assist emerging community and grassroots groups with a baseline from which an organization can launch and grow.

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Non-Profit Development

Maximizing Resources

This is one of our key areas of focus here at EquityCorps Group. We work with non-profit organizations' leadership teams to identify gaps and determine how to optimize resources by assessing the current systems and structures to eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies.

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Sandbox Series

Talking about diversity, equity and inclusion can get messy

Discussions about race, power, and privilege can be difficult and sometimes it can be messy!  Join EquityCorps Group in a series of conversations in the Sandbox. These are brave spaces where we encourage people to partake in courageous conversations that are designed to move us beyond our comfort zones in order to roll our sleeves up and to imagine a build something new.  ce during a live video session. They can take place after training or programs in a Sandbox. They can take place in affinity groups exclusive for  BIPOC, Latinx, or white participants. These scheduled conversations can be sponsored by an organization around a particular text or topic. These are spaces to engage in tough conversations that are long overdue. All conversations will be moderated and facilitated by the EquityCorps Group team.  

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Workshops & Trainings

Changing Your Community

Becoming an agent for change is an ongoing process that requires dedication and passion. Come to refine your practice by learning about innovative and emerging topics that are shaping many of the conversations. Work with and learn from today's thought leaders and community activists to identify collaborative, sustainable strategies to move the work forward.

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