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 What is EquityCorps Group?

What began as a final assignment for a doctoral course has grown into an organization that designs and 

provide experiences, workshops, and trainings for members and leaders of municipalities, industries, and organizations to prepare them to engage in courageous, critical, and

reflective dialogue about the state of equity and justice within their respective community. 

This is accomplished by partnering a member of the EquityCorp Group team with local stakeholders who have identified a need to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion within their community.


The EquityCorps Group team collaborates to assess and identify sectors where equity and social justice can be improved. Through a series of carefully constructed dialogues, a strategic plan can be developed, introduced, and integrated that will initiate a shift in the culture of the overall community or organization.

 The seven principles of Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba) serve as the guiding values for EquityCorps Group.

Unity; Self-Determination; Collective Work and Responsibility;

Cooperative Economics; Purpose; Creativity; and Faith.

These guiding values assist in moving the mission of EquityCorps Group forward.

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Equity Corps

What is the Need?

Communities, organizations, and institutions are in crisis. As a country, we have struggled with racial disharmony because of the indelible historical stain of slavery and its remaining impact on relationships within communities.

The mission of EquityCorps Group (ECG) is to reeducate America, one community at a time. EquityCorps Teams work in collaboration with leaders, stakeholders, collaborators from different sectors or departments to engage in cross-sectional conversations to identify where diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and strategies have been successful and which areas have the most growth potential.

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