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How Can I Help?

There are many ways for individuals to get involved with ECG. Everyone approaches diversity, equity and inclusion work differently.

Image by Daria Nepriakhina

Critical Friends Group Coach

Using the Critical Friends Groups (CFG) as the model through which conversation circles will commence, ECG Teams work with members who show a vested interest in taking a leadership role will be trained as Critical Friends Group Coach. This longstanding training and model will be hosted by the National School Reform Faculty at Harmony School, located in Milton, MA.

Therapy Session

Apply to Become a Corps Team Member

The journey towards accepting the call to join the ECG Corps Team begins with the completion of the “Corps Member” written application or uploading an video application. After reviewing your submission, potential ECG corps members are selected to interview with a member of the training team. Final stage of the application process is the submission of a personal narrative, sharing your racial identity development experience. This video will be reviewed by the entire training team. After all steps of the application have been completed,  a call to action will be placed to the newest members of the ECG Corps Team and an invitation to the next orientation convening will be extended.  meet the curret who  from our veteran ECG Corps Team lead. Interested future ECG Corp Team members are invited to participate in a six week, paid immersive exploratory experience

Image by Markus Spiske

Sandbox Host

This virtual landscape allows conversations to happen without the obstacle of time and place. The Sandbox is the area where people with similar work experiences join to become vulnerable by asking the tough questions and engage in challenging conversations, with the understanding that in diversity, equity and inclusion work, things can get messy, as we start to dismantle what we have learned our entire lives.
Sandbox hosts are needed to facilitate these online chat rooms, research different articles and help build bridges between members.

Get Involved: Get Involved
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