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EquityCorps Group

Re-Educating America One Community at a Time

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We Work With Your Community

EquityCorps Group works in collaboration with engaged stakeholders from your community to:


the organization's current climate through the use of cultural climate surveys, interviews, or focus groups. 


areas to improve cultural competence skills within specific sectors of the community.


strategies to address the cultural gaps and systemic inequities that impact and influence the cultural climate of the community.


policies, procedures, protocols, and systems to sustain the efforts and actions need to develop and maintain the newly developed action steps. 


sustainable action steps using a structured and strategic plan designed in collaboration with the EquityCorps team and the organization.

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Cultural Climate Survey

To better understand the needs of our client partners, EquityCorps Group recommends a 360-assessment utilizing a cultural climate survey designed by our partners at YellowBrick. This tool will pinpoint specific sectors which are ripe and ready to begin implementing change.

Document and Artifact Audit

An organization's culture is represented not only by the individual members, the traditions, and symbols but also by the outward-facing materials and artifacts that illustrate a group's mission and values. A document and artifact audit allows Corps Members to analyze documents, social media profiles, annual reports, to t the images, words, and symbols to ensure alignment.

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Community Conversations & Independent Interviews

Dialogue is the method through which relationships are made and change starts. Through a series of conversations and/or independent interviews we will gain a deeper understanding of the needs and goals of the community.

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"It is not who you attend school with, but who controls the school you attend." -

Nikki Giovanni

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